A herd of buffalos


The Asian buffalo or water buffalo is romanticized in this series of wholesome sculptures.  Cast in solid aluminium, the Buffalos are submerged in water as they are often sighted in the ‘kampong’ setting. Muscular, strong yet gentle, water buffalos are much loved by their owners.

Two sparrows perched  blithely  atop  the water buffalo, evoking the nostalgic, laid back atmosphere of the  Asian kampong . Asians, particularly the Chinese, look at the Buffalo as a noble symbol of industriousness, service, dedication, peace and prosperity.

The Buffalo series can be purchased as single pieces or in any preferred number of pieces.

Single Buffalo

A pair of Buffalos


  ‘River Crossing’
– The Buffalo Series

Wei’s  ‘River Crossing Buffalo’ series harks back to his Asian heritage where this bovine breed has long been domesticated to help humankind in their daily chores at the farms;  helping to till the land and providing manure for the crops and milk for the household.

Wei draws inspiration from the strong, tough and industrious nature of this animal, recognising as well, the fun that children of these kampong households have with them. Children are often seen riding on the backs of buffalos to cross the swamp marshes and rivers.

Wei’s Buffalos are cast in solid aluminium. Details are hand drawn and then etched.  As the series title goes, each piece is sculpted as a buffalo crossing the river, some with sparrows perched atop their backs. Nostalgic and romantic, this series warms the heart and brings definitive smiles to the faces of their viewers.