Having Fun

Life was carefree then and it was about having fun.
And we had all the time to do so.

We pushed…
We dared each other…
We challenged ourselves… to go faster,  reach further, climb higher

Void of fear, ignorant of danger, raring and restless…
Was there anything we couldn’t do?

Having Fun 2

Early Sketches…

Early thoughts and stirrings of another ‘Fun’ idea.
Pencil doodlings and sketches of stick figures hanging on ropes in various poses and stunts.

And Then The Prototypes …

From sketches to prototypes.  Acrobatic poses and stunts cast in solid alumimium.  Prototypes go through several rounds of correction and improvement before they are finally adopted.


Having Fun – 1st Series

‘Having Fun’ is KY’s debut series. He draws from the rich experience of life – growing up in colonial and  post-colonial Singapore. He says “In creating this series, I go back to my youth. Life was simple then. Our only purpose was to have fun and we had all the time in the world to have it.”

The sculpture that inspires him most is the “Thinker” by Rodin. The strong and muscular lines of Rodin’s masterpiece struck a chord in KY and appealed to his artistic sense.   Notwithstanding, KY took pains to ensure that his sculptures bear no resemblance to those of Rodin’s. In a style that is completely his own, KY  created  characters with elongated limbs and body, a style that has become one of KY’s unique signatures.

The original characters in the first series of ‘Having Fun’ were cast in wire-infused resin

KY held his debut exhibition featuring his “Having Fun” sculptures at NatGeo Vivo City in December 2011. Its unprecented success kick started his career as a sculptor. The following two years were spent fulfilling orders for both corporate clients and private individuals.

Encouraged and motivated by the popular acceptance of his sculptural art, he decided to work with aluminium which allowed him to explore and push the limits of his creativity. KY’s later series of ‘Having Fun’ (with a few exceptions) are cast in aluminium.

Confident that he has established his very own signature style of character sculptures, KY went on to create characters with lifelike proportions. KY’s subsequent lifelike characters were equally spectacular and equally as popular with collectors.

Having Fun : 2nd Series  

Having Fun On High Ropes

The eagerness to create a series that has never been done before led KY to create a subsequent series of Having Fun.  Titled “Having Fun On High Ropes”, KY creates a series of men executing ‘acrobatic’ poses while strapped to a rope.  As a Queen Scout in his school days, KY is all too familiar with these feats and has chosen to cast them into his sculptures.  The series will initially feature a minimum of 8 poses. Perhaps what is most fascinating about this second series of ‘Having Fun’ is that they are designed to respond to touch and breeze, inviting its audience to be part of the fun.