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Renowned Singapore Artist Lee Man Fong, second from left with family members

Even as a young undergrad, KY was drawn to art. He often helped out at the exhibitions of Singapore’s renowned grandmaster Lee Man Fong (second from left in picture above) and learned from him the finer skills of sketching and composition. It was not until KY retired from the corporate scene that he answered the call of his first love and started an art gallery. He built a stable of fine artists but realised that many of them lacked the eye and the feel for good art. Ever the enthusiast, he started to tutor his artists and was personally amazed at the results of good technique and style. It was then that he decided to delve into creating art as well. Hence began his fulfilling career as an artist.

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‘Having Fun’ is KY’s debut series of men in acrobatic positions, each cast in solid aluminium. The series reflects the carefree days of the Sculptor’s childhood, when life was simple and when life was about having fun. KY drew his inspiration from Rodin’s ‘Thinker’, albeit he made sure that his sculptures were distinctive in style and bear no resemblance whatsoever to those of Rodin’s .

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From Reluctant To Inspired

Wei took time off his corporate career to help at the art studio when KY had to undergo heart procedures. Wei soon discovered his innate talent for creating sculptures. He does, after all, come from a lineage of artistic talent; his maternal grandfather being none other than Singapore master Lee Man Fong. Wei’s works are often iconic with striking themes and bold statements. A thinking Sculptor who brings forth exquisitely beautiful creations. Wei might have been a little reluctant in the beginning but has since become a sculptor inspired to express through art.

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Buying art is more meaningful and fulfilling when you get to know and understand the artist. Meet KY and Wei Huang at the next Open House.

Date: 26 May – 10 June, 2018
Time: 12.00pm to 6.00pm, Daily
Venue: 61 Lengkok Bahru, #01-450, Singapore 150061
Telephone: 9009 8288

Come and get acquainted with the Artists, become a Friend of the Artists and enjoy a lifetime of special benefits including special prices.

Special Entitlements At Upcoming Open House

Single Buffalo: Normal price $680,
Open House price $328

A pair of Buffalos: Normal price $1,360, Open House price $628

Art Direct

Over 200 artworks to clear at Artists’ prices from $300 to $1,800

An excellent selection of Artworks by
Dedy, Permadi, Jamal, Edy Po, Tommy, Sharuddin, Esa and Didi.
Also featuring selected pieces from KY and Wei Huang.

Come and view for yourself


An Ode to Beauty & Abundance

A kaleidoscope of butterflies in bold and vivid colours, perched atop beautifully sculptured boughs – symbolic of beauty and abundance, joy and happiness, life and zest.

Blessings and Bountiful Harvests

A stunningly breathtaking series that presents a kaleidoscope of butterflies in bold and vivid colours, perched atop beautifully sculptured boughs.  Immortalised in metal, every bough sculpture with a profusion of colourful butterflies represents eternal spring and promise of bountiful harvests.  Fluttering butterflies captured in a pose of stillness speak eloquently of joy, hope and good blessings.

When prominently displayed in homes or offices, these incredibly beautiful sculptures evoke a sense of wonderment and imbue vitality, energy and cheer.

Each sculpture of Butterflies on Boughs is unique in composition, a one-off original. The designs on the each butterfly is executed spontaneously, each different from the other. Every piece a masterpiece.


The Boughs come in varying lengths ranging from 1.3 metres to 2.39 metres. The Butterflies can be customised to a collector’s requirement in terms of colour scheme.  Boughs are cast in solid aluminium and polished to stainless steel finish and the Butterflies are laser-cut from stainless steel sheets and then hand painted in bold vibrant colours; each butterfly with its own unique design.

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While KY began as a sketcher and painter, he was drawn towards sculpturing. He felt challenged to shape and mould material into inspiring forms; to imbue energy and motion into inanimate forms. His debut of the Having Fun series was an unprecedented success and effectively launched him as an artist and a sculptor.

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Wei Huang’s Teddies evoke the familiar and the nostalgic. Cast in aluminium and painted with bold colourful motifs, these eye catching Teddies are each unique, distinct and beautifully adorned.

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Burnt out from two years of non-stop work, fulfilling orders, KY decided to take a reprieve.
He took to his paint brushes again and it was during this time that he created his signature zebra barcode paintings. Clever and whimsical, this series that play on the black and white lines of the Zebra’s body and the barcode became an instant spectacular success.

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Wei’s Knights were born from his love for the majestic beast. The Knights series is a celebration of the horse’s beauty, nobility, grace and power. Cast in solid aluminium and decorated with bold vivid motifs, these sculptures stand for valour and dignity even as these sophisticated pieces decorate a space.

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Sensual torsos cast in aluminium are adorned with stunningly beautiful body tattoo motifs, painstakingly hand drawn. Motifs range from intricate Batik to Peranakan symbols and floral art. Each Torso is an exquisite piece of art that evokes culture, nostalgia and tradition; each piece expressing their own artistic body language.

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A child of nature, KY draws continual inspiration from creation itself.


KY’s Fish sculptures capture the beautiful and mesmerising poetry of fluidity and graceful movement of the fish. Each fish sculpture is a unique one-off creation. The auspicious symbolism of the fish is brought to the fore in KY’s sculptures of 9 or 18 fish. 9 and multiples of 9 are numbers that represent continuity in Chinese philosophy of numerology.

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An ever popular series of Huang Sculpture is the ‘Birds & Fruits On Twigs’. The humble twig is given dignity when cast in solid aluminium and polished to stainless steel finish.

The polished twig becomes a dazzling stage for pretty birds and fruits, all cast in solid aluminium. Each piece is unique and comes in various lengths. The smaller pieces can be displayed as table top sculptures.

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Wei’s Buffalos are cast in solid aluminium and details are hand drawn and then etched. Nostalgic and romantic, this series warms the heart and brings definitive smiles to the faces of their viewers.

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Wei’s oil on canvas sketches of Singapore is a tribute to his Homeland which has blessed him and so many more who call it home. His signature sketches capture various skylines of the Lion City. ‘Old Singapore’ skylines are juxtaposed against the modern skylines of the city in creative compositions, evoking a sense of romance and reminiscence.
Although it is the most unforgiving and most difficult medium to work with, the Artist opted for oil on canvas in these sketches to lend these paintings the highest level of integrity.

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Huang Sculptures welcomes special commission works and sees them as opportunities to create something special. Huang Sculptures has fulfilled numerous orders for corporate giveaways including exclusive orders for gifts of art to Heads of States and visiting dignitaries.

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