Qs & As

Where did you learn to sculpt?

KY Huang: I tried to enrol into a sculpture course at NAFA as well as Sculpture Society but in vain. Fortunately being in the art business,I had many artist contacts in Indonesia. They introduced me to a senior sculptor, who was part of Edhi Sunarso team of helpers entrusted with creating all their “Independence” National Sculptures. I learnt most of my basics from him. Apart from the basic techniques, all compositions and forms are entirely mine.

Whose works inspire you?

KY Huang: I am drawn to the works of Rodin. I like his classical style and the way he sculpts the anatomy of his subjects. I think he is the epitome of modern classical sculptures. I also draw inspiration from Ju-Ming. His ability to infuse energy and moment from stone and wood is sheer inspirational.

However,I refuse to copy anyone’s works. There is no glory in copying.

What is so unique about your artworks?

KY Huang: In creating my own works, I am guided by the advise of the renowned artist, Lee Man Fong, that whatever I create must be beautiful and inspiring and it must be my own.

Do you follow the style and object of other sculptors?

KY Huang: Lee Man Fong also taught me that I can “take ownership of someone’s style, provided that I improve on it”. Let me illustrate.

Just because someone sculpts a horse or a fish before you does not mean that you cannot sculpt a horse or a fish. No one can claim exclusivity of a particular subject.

The same applies also for style and medium. There are no copyrights on those.

However, composition is a different matter altogether. If you follow someone’s composition, then it is a copy!

Are you planning to create artworks using mediums that have been used by others?

KY Huang: The works of David Gerstein and David Kracov are very attractive. Wei Huang intends to create a series of wall sculptures to emulate them. However, other than the medium, everything else will be different. Adifferent subject matter, different compositions and all one off – unlike the Gerstein and Kracov.

They are currently being developed.

Why do you want to do that?

Wei Huang: I believe that mine will be better, each oneunique and an original and not mass produced. My sculptures will allow customisation. In that sense, they will be outstanding.

It would appear that there is nothing the two of you cannot do! Why is that?

We believe that what we have is a God given talent. As a mental exercise, we often spend time looking at public sculptures, taking them apart (mentally) and challenging ourselves with one question – can we improve on that sculpture?

What works are limited editions and what are one-offs?

Other than the “Having Fun” series by KY Huang (limited to ten per edition) all works are one-offs.

Do you undertake special commissions and personalisations?

Yes we do! Special commissions (especially big works) are special to us. They allow us to create masterpieces. We also believe personalised works are much more meaningful to the collector or consumer.

What are your prices like? And are they negotiable?

Our prices are really very reasonable. You will be pleasantly surprised! Client’s satisfaction is more important to us than the costs. Clients with limited budgets may also approach us. I am sure we can do something within their budget.

Can you come out with a concept based on my ideas?

We love any creative challenges. It allows us to show our creative talent and forces us to think out of the box. There is no obligation to sit down with you to discuss.