KY Huang is a Singaporean, born in 1948.

While he was an undergrad at the National University of Singapore, KY Huang used to help Singapore’s renowned artist, Lee Man Fong, by manning his exhibitions. From this grandmaster, KY Huang  learned the finer points of sketching and composition, not realizing the early awakening of an interest that would in later years become his passion and calling. Upon graduation, KY Huang treaded down the corporate path.  Notwithstanding a promising and busy corporate career, his love for art prompted him to attend art workshops on a regular basis.

It was only upon retirement from an eventful career which included some ventures into business that KY Huang answered the call of his passion and started an art gallery.  His first challenge was to build up a stable of reputable and good artists who would substantiate his gallery.  As he set about his search for artists, he noticed that while many artists claimed to have formal training and techniques, they lacked the most essential qualities – an eye for good art and the feel to create them.  Ever the enthusiast for good art, he taught some of them what he had learnt from his teacher, Lee Man Fong.  The resulting works of the artists he tutored went through incredible transformations.  Encouraged by the amazing results of applying good technique and style in art, KY Huang decided to delve into creating art as well. Hence began the fulfilling career of KY Huang as an artist.

While he began as a sketcher and painter, KY Huang was drawn towards sculpting.  He felt challenged to shape and mould material into inspiring forms; to imbue energy and motion into inanimate forms and to ‘breathe’ life into them, as it were. KY Huang cites Rodin and Jui Ming as his inspiration but he knew that his works should not merely ape those masters but be distinctively different in feel and form.   His debut as a Sculptor sponsored by NatGeo Singapore, NAC (National Arts Council) and People’s Association of Singapore in December 2011 was well received. His first works was entitled ‘Having Fun’, sculptures of men in acrobatic stunts on ropes and trees, through which he adds the elements of cheekiness and lightheartedness.  An instant hit, this exposure led to several orders and commission works and effectively established him as sculptor.

KY Huang is a child of nature and much of his works draw inspiration from the humblest of nature’s treasures. He picks a twig or a fallen branch and transforms it into dignified sculptures that grace boardrooms and mansions.  He sees the fish in the oceans and captures their graceful movement as a shoal.  His inherent wit shines through in his internationally acclaimed Zebra Barcode paintings which play cleverly on the black and white lines of the zebra’s body and the barcode.  KY Huang’s approach to art is simple. He believes art should delight the heart. If his art can bring a smile to a person’s face, he has achieved his goal.



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From Reluctant To Inspired

Wei took time off his corporate career to help at the art studio when KY had to undergo heart procedures. Wei soon discovered his innate talent for creating sculptures. He does, after all, come from a lineage of artistic talent; his maternal grandfather being none other than Singapore master Lee Man Fong. Wei’s works are often iconic with striking themes and bold statements. A thinking Sculptor who brings forth exquisitely beautiful creations. Wei might have been a little reluctant in the beginning but has since become a sculptor inspired to express through art.

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