Spontaneously cheeky and playful…
Instantly adorable

Engaging, endearing and delightful…
Every Teddy carries a personality of its own

Composed, charming…
Evoking the familiar and nostalgic

Unexpected, unanticipated…
They tease, they challenge and defy

The Phoenix Sketch

A sketch of the legendary Phoenix , the favoured symbol of heaven’s favour, virtue and grace, luck and happiness. This bird of ‘immortality’ and great beauty is often used as decorative symbols to usher in the blessings it represents.

Phoenix on Yellow Teddy

The Phoenix is painstakingly etched and hand painted onto the Teddy along with pretty floral patterns. The result – a magnificent work of art. Symbolic  art. An  iconic Teddy.


Iconic Teddies

Wei Huang’s Teddies are iconic. They evoke the familiar and the nostalgic. They tease…they also confront. Every one of Wei’s Teddies is unique, distinct and beautiful. One-off sculptures, contemporary in relevance and meaning, they are statement pieces for the discerning collector.

Each and every piece of these sculptures is individually cast, finished and primed before being used as a three dimensional canvas for a variety of motifs and designs, stories and symbolic statements. These designs and motifs unfold spontaneously, suggestively, surreptitiously, and spectacularly….on the surface of the Teddy Sculptures. One sculptural form, yet several different ones, each different in flavour, detail, statement, outcome and finish. Every creation an object of artistic and sculptural excellence.