The Old And The New

Vivid images of colonial Singapore
juxtaposed against  the modern skyline of the bustling, thriving City of Singapore.

Sketches of Singapore reflect the artistic juxtaposition of two eras,
creating a fascinating visual impact
The signature red tiled roofs of Singapore’s old buildings
stand out poignantly against the glass curtains of towering skyscrapers that line the modern skyline.



Every sketch in this series is intended as a tribute to Singapore, my country, my homeland. Over the years, I watched with pride the transformation of Singapore from an entrepot city into a vibrant first world cosmopolitan city.

Most sketches are done with charcoal or pencil on paper but for Sketches Of Singapore I wanted to use a more permanent medium – oil on canvas. Charcoal or pencil on paper have less integrity and pales by comparison to oil. I began initially with a single colour but adding more colours brought the sketches to a new level.

Skylines of ‘old Singapore’ are juxtaposed against skylines of modern Singapore evoking a sense of romance and nostalgia.

Every piece of these Sketches has been affordably priced to encourage enthusiasts to collect them. Sketches Of Singapore have been popular among the expatriate community and visitors from abroad who want to take with them a piece of artistic memory of Singapore.