Exotically captivating…

Intricate ‘Peranakan’ symbols that speak of a colourful and enchanting culture.

Distinctly sophisticated…

Bold statements expressed in exquisite floral art. Mesmerizing and enchanting.

Eloquently sensual…

Nature in vivid expressions on a sensual form. Fish and butterfly themes, accentuated in fascinating colours. Undeniably Inspiring.


One poignant sculptural form rendered in a myriad personas.

Every Torso is a one- off exclusive piece. Every Torso as spectacular as the other.

From intricate sketches

…. to final Artwork



Sensual and sensuous, Wei Huang’s Torso Sculptures draw the viewer to the stunning full body tattoo designs that fittingly adorn each piece.  Wei decorates these boldly sculpted metal torsos with painstakingly hand drawn designs that carry motifs of intricate Batik, Peranakan symbols and floral art.  Each Torso is an exquisite piece of visual art that evokes culture, nostalgia and traditions.