Commissioned Works and Corporate Exclusives

The Huangs have worked with hotels and resorts, embellishing their spaces with sculptural creations. One of their bigger creations can be seen at the lobby of the Carlton City Hotel, Singapore.

Installation of commissioned sculptural piece in Carlton City Hotel, Singapore

This piece titled ‘Interlace’, weaves an interesting representation of cooperation, networking and connectedness. The Sculpture is brass and weighs 250kg.

Smaller Works – Premiums and Commemorative Pieces

Smaller sculptural works are no less important to the Huangs. Huang Sculptures has delivered on several orders of corporate commissions and commemorative giveaways. Designs and concepts are exclusive to Clients. Repeat orders are possible.

Special Commissions, Exclusives & Customised Gifts

Huang sculpture works are popularly sought as corporate gifts that serve as mementos for company events and celebrations.  Exclusive Huang artworks are commissioned as fitting gifts for visiting Heads of States, Ministers, dignitaries and royalties.  Often Huang Sculptures are requested to customize these mementos to suit the recipients.

Organisations looking for good artworks as gifts are fascinated by the many excellent works of commission that have come out of the Huang studio, which promises exclusivity.  Each series of commissioned works is unique and not repeated.

Huang Sculpture’s works are bought on a regular basis by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as by Multi National Companies who request customized and personalized artworks for their Chairman and CEOs.

KY and Wei welcome discussions on special commission pieces, be they large or smaller sculptures, paintings or sketches including oil on canvas works.