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On Guard!

Noble Knight In Shining Armour
Stands sentry.
Protecting, defending….

Magnificent in colourful regalia
Splendid symbol of strength…
of courage…
of loyalty.




Wei Huang is particularly proud of his “Knight” series, born out of his love for horses as well as for the game of chess. Created differently from any knight chess piece one may find in the sculpture world, Wei Huang  brings to the fore, the strength and magnificence of a warrior Knight. A battle armour  is embellished on some of his Knights.

Wei’s Knights also come in vibrant colourful motifs. Like the Teddies, the Knights are individually cast and each is used as a canvas for his unique designs and motifs.  Every design is hand drawn and then airbrushed.

Wei’s Knights with etched designs carry a distinctly different persona from the colourful  airbrushed pieces.

As in the game of chess, Wei’s Knights symbolise the trusted lieutenant who stands sentry at the gates, defending, guarding and protecting, even as the battle of  intellect, strategies and gameplans is played out in everyday life.