4 Zebras

Zebras juxtaposed against the black and white lines of the Barcode tickles the mind and bring a smile to the face.  Accessorised with headphones and scarves, this striking and captivating line-up of 4 zebras wins hearts.

2 Zebras

From rough sketch to the meticulous rendition of the painting. 2 Zebras is a smaller painting that no less captures the ingenuity of thought and play of black and white lines. Complete with a Barcode that signifies wealth.

Auspicious Codes

A clever play of visual lines and a touch of the cheeky. Zebra Barcode paintings are not all whimsical. Each painting is signed off with a barcode serial that carries an auspicious blessing.


Zebra Barcode Paintings

Two years of continuous sculpting  to fulfill the non-stop inflow of orders for the first series of Having Fun Series  left KY feeling worn out and in need of a break.  An interlude to reenergize himself  was anything but idle time for KY. The intermission led him back to brush and easel and it was at this point that he came up with his signature Zebra Barcode series, a whimsical series and an instant hit with collectors.   His first series of 3 paintings were snapped up by the first two collectors who viewed them. This unprecedented success far exceeded what he had dared to expect and it encouraged KY to extend his  Zebra  paintings into a larger series.

Paintings That Tickle The Fancy

With KY’s paintings, it is always about an amusing thought behind the art.  He adopts a minimalistic style to express bold ideas.  His paintings are contemporary and reflect an inherent wit and audacity. His ‘Zebra Barcode’ series is a clear example of his witty artistry.  Black and white zebras juxtaposed against a backdrop of black and white bar code – a simple yet bold play of objects and colours. And as with all his works,  KY adds the element of  fun and cheekiness to bring a smile to the viewer’s face by adorning his zebras with fancy accessories – sunglasses, headphones, caps, hats and scarves.

What’s With The Barcode Numbers?

There is more thought than just matching colours and lines of the barcode that goes into KY’s Zebra series. As barcodes go, every number contains particular information about  the products they label, usually, its category and its price tag.  KY turns the barcode numbers ingeniously into numbers that  represent blessings of abundance and goodness.  For instance, the numbers 168, 2288, 2688, 8228 represent continuous prosperity while the numbers 2633, 2333 carries the auspicious meaning of proliferation and increase. 3288 speaks of a prospering business.  Such are the good wishes that KY embellishes in his Barcode Zebras. Surely this brings a smile to the heart.