Golden Prosperity

A shoal of 18 golden fish
In graceful, fluid motion.
A symbol of prosperity and luck.

Harmonious, gliding movement
captured in a family of glistening fish.
A shoal of fish symbolising  plenty and ample.

Abundance in Silver  

Energy and Vitality

Glints of Goldfish in smooth and supple movement.
Stirring the energy of the water.
Ushering in continuous abundance.

Eternal and Continual

Nine  Auspicious Fish

Fish Of Prosperity

This 9-Fish Sculpture was presented as a gift to the Sultan of Johor, Malaysia by a Singapore Minister.


Inspired By Nature

KY is a lover of the great outdoors. As a young boy, he spent his leisure time exploring the jungles where he caught fish and trapped birds, activities that resonated with the child of nature in him.  Most of all, KY loves the sea. His weekends were largely spent at sea, combing the beaches, diving and fishing. In later years he took to scuba diving with son Wei.

Fish of Prosperity

It was natural therefore that KY’s first sculptural creations inspired by nature were sculptures of fish.    With his fish sculptures, KY broke new grounds and developed new sculpting techniques, to capture the graceful movements of the fish.  KY’s fish sculptures grew from a single fish species to a wider variety, each capturing a different movement.  Fascinated by the harmonious, aligned motion of fish in shoals,  KY created sculptures of groups of shoaling fish, usually in 9 or multiples of 9.

Auspicious Overtones

KY is sensitive to the Asian mindset and weaves into his works, elements that bode well with his patrons.  He understands that many Asians regard the fish as an auspicious symbol of wealth and abundance.  Asian business people have taken to keeping the Koi and the Goldfish in their business premises as favourable  elements and symbols. Fish in a group of 9 or multiples of 9 are favored because of symbolic meaning of the number.  In Chinese numerology philosophy, the number ‘9’ represents ‘continuity’ and ‘everlasting’.

KY’s fish sculptures are assembled as shoals of 9 or 18, in silver or gold.