2 Pretty Birds

‘Birds On Twigs’ began with a simple idea.  Two little birds, cast in solid aluminium and hand painted in bright vibrant colours made for pretty corporate gifts .

Finches on Twigs

These little Finches were later set on Twigs. Earlier sculptures of twigs did not capture the characteristic details of the branch.  The Twig sculptures were improved upon over a period of 4 years. Today  the Twig sculptures  capture 98% of the texture on real twigs.  Fruits and leaves also solidly cast in aluminium were added, creating a beautiful poetry .

Classic Statement

Rendered in an all-aluminium style, this series of Birds On Twig presents a different  tone and feel. Understated, composed, sophisticated…elegant.

The Twig Series is available as wall mounted sculptures or sturdy table top options



This series is a scaled down version of the Bough Series but no less unique and appealing . The Twig Series  comes in different sizes and configurations of birds, butterflies and fruits. ‘Birds on Twigs’ also created in an all-aluminium color scheme, carrying an appeal all its own. Delightfully pretty, these pieces can be wall mounted or displayed as table- top sculptures.